Friday, September 28, 2007


Okay, so I have been out of it soooo long. I have created nothing..... what can I do with nothing! I promise to have something here soon, perhaps this weekend, well maybe not.. we have paper routes to deliver this weekend... not gonna lie it's not my most favorite time, except for the fact that it traps my teenager in the car with me for several hours with nothing to do but talk.... so I guess that's a good thing! Ha! We also have a new puppy! YEAH! Like I need another dog, but this one was too cute to ignore. Her name is Cheeto, and she is a 4 month old pug. She is a little terror! She has two speeds, Tornado and dead! She is just a crazy girl, and we love her so much. Weenie our male pug is protective of her, and biscuit our Westie, well let's just say she is NOT so thrilled. So we are working on adjusting that and making sure everyone gets lots and lots of hugs. So here are a couple of photo's I just took.... what a face...what's not to love!
The family that had Cheeto and named her Cheeto Bandito....hahha! were ALL allergic to her! Can you imagine? So we rescued her..... wink wink! It's a dirty job but someone had to do it right? This is my birthday present, and actually she has become my husband's dog in a way. She ADORES him. We love her.. and the kids are getting lots of laughs.. actually we all are! EVERYTHING is a chew toy for her, paper, hair, pillows, furniture, plastic, stuffing carefully removed from stuffed toys.... you name it... she can chew it! She also has the funniest bark, it sounds like a cat being run over! Her favorite thing to do is to sit on top of the ottoman or couch and smack Biscuit over the head then run off! Maybe that would explain why Biscuit is less than loving this. She has also figured out how to run through certain places in the picket fence to the next door neighbor's house. They have two little girls and magically the exit from their yard is usually blocked by a beach ball once Cheeto "wanders" over to their side! Cheeto runs in circles and the little girls follow her. Needless to say it poops her out for awhile.

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