Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow, totally out of loop!

So I have been out of this loop since 2009, and I miss it soo much! I have a beautiful home after moving from Colorado to VA and now to Portland OR within 2 years!

Here are some current pics of my workspace that I just posted on splitcoaststampers. douthit5 is my post name there. I think I finally found a way to organize things within reach. I admit it....I want to sit and craft and not get up too much. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to store things for cheap! I don't want to spend wads of cash on this. I also spent 2 days coming up with a way to really access and use my Papertrey Ink stamps to the fullest. I admit....ADDICT! Love these stamps because they make sense, and I can see where I am stamping. Wood blocks are so yesterday...but so are those CD cases!

Here is a rack that I bought from IKEA, so cheap! It's from the Kitchen area for pot storage, but everything is within reach and not on the back of the door. I have the stamps in rows of common punch image. Smallest to largest at the back. It works and it was cheap and it is right in front of me. The bar wth the buckets below are also IKEA as well as the button jars and two drawers and the desk. Okay...IKEA addict too...JEEZ!

but cheaper than Target and Pottery barn. I spent under $100 for all of these things! Hey, if you are willing to pay shipping, for a flat fee of $10 bucks for a tank of gas and time + what real shipping is and I will ship you anything from IKEA as long as we don't get too crazy and I can load it in my car. You pay me by Paypal and we go from there. Seriously...this store is key for storage!

I have a tutorial coming up that I hope will help those of you trying to figure out how to store these stamp sets effectively!

Here is my solution!

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