Monday, November 12, 2007

Life happens!

What can I say, Life got in the way, and I have not even had an inkling...hee hee, to get to this blog. I literally have fallen off of the earth. One thing I am thankful for is my family! Our family has been to heck and back, and if my Sisters, Dad and Brother-in-law had not been there in our darkest times, I don't know what I would have done.

With that said, my favorite sister asked me to make her some cards for a Theater production she was helping to create costumes for. She is UBER talented, and makes some amazing things from fabric. These cards were for cast members she had designed for, to wish them luck.... or as they say in the theater.. Break a Leg! The production is a spoof on Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, so the look she was going for needed to fit that.
The layout and inspiration for this card came from Nichole Heady, and her super cute ( does she do anything bad???) bag design on the front page of Paper Craft magazine. I stamped the background image first, then printed the Break A Leg sentiment on cardstock. I stamped it with Borders and Corners and then punched it out with a Marvy Giga punch. I found a coordinating Nestabilities to add some depth to the card and a little punch. I love the little bling, and the soft velvet, it just feels so Dickens to me.
When my sister was here, she slipcovered a chair AND an ottoman out of fabrics I have been hoarding. How amazing is that... and it's sooooo CUTE! LOVE IT!

One piece I had leftover was a red ticking stripe, and it just looked so cute with this card. Since she only wanted to write a quick note on the flipside, she didn't need a full card, so I decided to stich the outside border of the card in red, so that when you flip it over it has a red stiched border to write a note in.

I hope she likes it..... she means the world to me! SISTAH!!!

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costumequeen said...

Wow,Janet! I love the card, and so will the cast, it's perfect! Checked out your other postings and really like what you're doing. I wish you had more time to devote to it. The chair looks AMAZING in the photo, thanks for the acknowledgement. I loves ya!-Laura