Monday, August 18, 2008

Inky Hands

Hey people! I spent the last two days working for Rubbernecker Stamps at a Loveland scrapbook show! What fun! Of course I am fried today, but it really was an experience that I will soon repeat. In fact, I'll be traveling to the Springs this weekend to be a demo again. Perhaps you have a need to get dirrrty with me.

I gotta say, I was not super pumped for the demo I ended up having to do. In fact, to me it was a real dog, but people seemed to think it was the best thing since sliced cheese. I sold alot of product, and I was using the crackled paints from Distress Inks, and the Tim Holtz products from Ranger. Never ever used them before, but they are fun!

So by Sunday, the first demo we were highlighting, sold out of product, so we had to come up with a new one. Cindy.... aka Mothermark... Yeah I know, I was working with a Splitcoast Celebrity! So exciting, and she is extremely funny! I think at one point we went to hold our hands up, and hers were black and mine were dark red...uck!

Back to the story, I decided I really needed to dress up my "dog", or should I say... "put some lipstick on my pig". I just couldn't make it another day making those ugly cards. So I went back to some of Tim Holtz's techniques, found at, and found a layering technique that would highlight several products that don't move all that well. Honestly, we did such a good job the day before, we really needed to focus on some other things. Dave from Rubbernecker Stamps is such a wonderful and encouraging person, you just want to help him sell stuff.

Now many of us tend to layer layer layer with cardstock, so imagine coming up with a design with no layers but stamping, embossing, inking, misting, painting, daubing, blending etc. Nothing else. NO Paper layers. It's hard! But the products were fun to work with, and I think by the end of the day we all had some success selling our products.

I know that MotherMark, as I will refer to her, didn't really dig her demo either, she thought it was a little ugly, but it was Halloween, and I thought it looked great. Maybe we are all a little too critical of our work? Ya think? It sure was fun, lots of laughs, and sore aching feet by the end of the weekend. So now I am off to play with some of the goodies I received! Post a card later. Big Ups to my chica's Madeline, and Cindy/MotherMark! It was fun!

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